Project Description

Sika supplied the joint sealing material to the Vida arena in Växjö. The arena is the home of the Växjö Lakers, a hockey team playing in the Elitserien, one of the best leagues in the world.
Building multi arenas is popular but in Växjö they reasoned differently. Two is better than one and they started to build a new football arena, the Myresjö arena, for the home team Öster playing in the
second league in Sweden.

The players are depending on the surroundings to be able to perform at the top and a new arena with modern facilities makes life much easier for the players and also for the fans.

Project Requirements

The joints in the arena must be long lasting and be able to absorb the movements in the construction. Strängbetong is the client for the grandstand in the Vida arena and  Lagan Bygg is the client for the interior work. For the grandstands Sikaflex PRO-3WF with backing rod and SikaPrimer-3N was used.

“For the interior joints we used Sikaflex AT-Connetion due to the EC1 requirement” says the joint sealing contractor Växjö Byggfog.

On the Myresjö arena is Sikaflex PRO-3WF with backing rod and SikaPrimer- 3N used. The contractor is NCC and they have high demands on material and function.
NCC assigned Växjö Byggfog as the joint sealant contractor because of their good reputation and because they use the best material for the job.
Växjö Byggfog work with Sika as a partner because of the high quality of the material, the high level of knowledge of the joint sealing business and the material is delivered on time.

Sika Products

  • Sikaflex PRO-3WF
  • Sikaflex AT-Connection
  • SikaPrimer-3N
Project Participants
Vida Arena (Ishockey)  
Contractor Växjö Byggfog
Client Grandstand Strängbetong
Client Interior Lagan Bygg
Myresjö Arena (Football)  
Contractor NCC
Joint Sealing Contractor Växjö Byggfog