Projcet Description

Completed in 2012 Emporia shopping center, one of the biggest in Scandinavia, is situated in the city of Malmö in Sweden. Some 200 shops are located in Emporia, covering a total area of 93 000 m².

The mall is three stories high with a roof terrace on top measuring 27 000 m². Emporia has won numerous national and international prizes for its design and marketing, including the “World’s Best Shopping Building” at the prestigious World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Singapore in 2013 and the “Best Shopping Center” at the 2014 Mipim Awards in Cannes.

Project Requirement

The environment aspect was a high focus point during the whole project with the result that Emporia is the first shoppingcenter in Sweden to be BREEAM certified.

The design of the shopping center is glass-based with entrances with wave-like formations in glass. The curved glass was manufactured in Spain and transported to Sweden.

The rest of the outside structural glazing, the sealant for the insulating glass, the inside weather sealant and the adhesive for the decorative glass and mirrors were supplied by Sika.

Sika Solution

For the structural glazing, Sika’s sales team came up with a new way to bond the glass to the frame which halved the production time. Instead of applying the structural joint, curing, then applying the weather sealant and curing again, Sika suggested a customized application process which comprises applying the structural joint and weather sealant in one step using Sikasil®-SG 500. And this could be achieved with less than 1% waste even though the joints were fully filled.

The glass systems were produced in a manufacturing plant close to the building site and delivered on demand, which made production very efficient.

For the joints between the shop windows the architects decided to use a black Sikasil®-WS 605. This provides very safe solutions as it flexes with the movements of the glass. For interior glass ornaments and bathroom mirrors, SikaBond®-T2 was used.

Sika Products

  • Sikasil®-WS 605
  • Sikasil®-SG 500
  • SikaBond®-T2
Owner Steen & Ström Sverige AB
Specifier Tyréns
Glass Contractor
UBA - Uno Borgstrand AB
Architect Wingårdhs
Building Contractor Byggnadsfirman Otto Magnusson AB