Project description

Stockholm City Line is a 6 km long commuter train tunnel running between Tomteboda and Stockholm Södra, with two new stations at Odenplan and T-Centralen. When Stockholm City Line is completed in 2017, the track capacity in Stockholm will be doubled.

Delays and congestion in rail traffic are results of the fact that there are not enough rail tracks through Stockholm city. At present, all rail traffic - commuter trains, regional trains, long-distance services and goods trains - are operated only on two tracks. Stockholm City Line is being built by the Swedish Transport Administration in close co-operation with the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm Transport, SL. The total cost is estimated to SEK 16.8 billion (2007-01 prices).

Stockholm City Line consists of 8 different contracts with different contractors- Peab, Bilfinger Berger (2 contracts), Strabag, NCC, Züblin/Pihl, Züblin and Pihl. Züblin´s contract, Södermalmstunneln, extending from Söder Mälarstrand to Högbergsgatan on Södermalm. The tunnel is about 570 m long and runs through rock except for brief spells below the Maria Magdalena church where a concrete tunnel is constructed.

Project requirements

Sika supplies products for waterproofing of the inner concrete lining (three different sections) to the Züblin part, Södermalmstunneln.
The different sections are the concrete tunnel below Maria Magdalena church and two sections for strengthening of the rock.

The requirements for the concrete construction and waterproofing are according to Bro 2004.

Sika solutions

Sika had continuous technical discussions with Züblin and Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration) about the waterproofing of the different inner concrete linings. The construction solutions for waterproofing are different depending on the requirements and design of the inner concrete lining. To ensure a waterproof concrete structure at least two different types of waterproofing systems (different waterstops and injection hoses) have been installed.

Sika has supplied various types of Elastomer waterstops and injection hoses. To ensure a waterproofed system many waterstop connections have been prefabricated in the factory according to drawings before delivered at site.

Sika Products

  • Sika Tricosal F 200 Elastomer
  • Sika Tricosal F 300 Elastomer
  • Sika Tricosal AM 350 Elastomer
  • Sika Tricosal A 350 Elastomer
  • Sika Tricosal FMS 500 Elastomer
  • Vulkaniseringsutrustning med tillbehör
  • SikaFuko VT-1, VT-2 och Eco-1
  • SikaFuko Swell-1
  • Sika Injection-201 CE
  • Sikagard-705L
  • Antisol-E
Project participants
Owner The Swedish Transport Administration
Züblin Scandinavia AB