The use of concrete as base material in wind turbine towers is increasing every year. This concrete has special requirements in order to resist the great loads that the nacelle transfer to the tower and this one down to the foundation. In Sika we can provide a complete solution from foundation, erection to protection of all the concrete parts of a wind farm.

Betongtorn - Solid och högkvalitativ lösning

Betong används ofta i konstruktion på grund av dess egenskaper av styrka, hållbarhet och mångsidighet. Så även i vindkraftsbranschen. Därför måste de produkter som används för att limma eller länka de prefabricerade betongelementen ha samma egenskaper. För denna användning har Sika utvecklat det speciella sortimentet av cementbaserade SikaGrout® och Sikadur® som fyller fogarna och överför belastningen, eller till och med skyddar armeringsstålet och bultarna mot korrosion

Sika är den unika leverantören som kan tillhandahålla nödvändiga injekterings-, skyddssystem, elastiska tätningsmedel, konstruktionslim eller till och med kemiska förankringsprodukter för ditt projekt, vilket undviker kvalitet eller inkompatibilitetsproblem.

Med den kompletta lösningen är Sika den perfekta partnern för betongtornets vindkraftsverksamhet.

Parts of a Steel Tower

Flexibel fogmassa

Strong and durable adhesion of the sealant to the substrate is the essence of joint sealing, no adhesion means water ingress.

Strukturell limning

Element bonding adhesives provide a rigid bond between elements to transfer load. Sikadur® epoxy adhesives have already been used for decades effectively to bond precast concrete elements together and provide a waterproof seal.


Chemical anchors are used in a wide range of structural and non-structural applications. These anchoring jobs may also be needed in the concrete wind turbines to fix ancillary elements inside the turbine. Sika has a wide range of chemical anchors that combined with the calculation software will support all needs in the wind business.

Betongreparation och omprofilering

Deterioration of concrete may happen due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze and thaw cycles, seismic activity, reactive aggregates etc. Years of research plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to develop a fully comprehensive solution which includes bonding primer and corrosion protection and repair mortars to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures. In some cases, concrete deterioration lead to crack formation. For these cases, Sika has the complete portfolio of injection products that will solve the problem.


Concrete wind towers are generally built from precast concrete elements. Between two elements, the joint or gap needs to be filled with a product capable of transferring the loads besides of protecting the connection steel parts from corrosion. For this use, Sika has developed a specific proven range of products within the range SikaGrout®.