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Sikaflex® sealing and bonding solutions have long-lasting history in the bus and coach market. As your trusted partner, we address your sealing, bonding, and protecting needs.

Bus and Coach manufacturers operate in  a challenging environment

For almost three decades, Sika has been supporting its customers in the global bus and coach industry. Owners and operators require lower vehicle running and repair costs and improved reliability and durability. Additionally, government regulations demand lower vehicle emissions, safer process materials, and improved passenger and driver safety. Sika provides solutions to the bus and coach market that are designed to meet our customer's needs. Our range of solutions extends from our highly elastic Sikaflex® polyurethanes our structural SikaForce® and SikaPower® solutions. As a major supplier and trusted partner to the global transportation industry, Sika is committed to providing a vast range of state-of-the-art solutions to assist manufacturers in addressing their challenges.


Rely on Sika for the outstanding performance of your commercial transportation vehicles. 



Sika Solutions for Bus and Coach

Bus and coach manufacturers must meet the challenging demands and new regulations regarding environmental health, safety, and crash-resistance performance. At the same time, the vehicles must become lighter to increase the range for buses with an electric power train. While quality does plays a key role, it is also important for bus and coach manufacturers to be mindful of manufacturing costs in order to maintain competitiveness and success. Therefore, our focus has been on process optimization to increase through put, reduce the risk of mistakes, and increase capacity where required. Sika provides advice andsolutions on how to achieve these goals with various tailored systems.

Bus and coach manufacturers must comply with ECE R-118 approved process materials. Thus, to avoid high flammability, spread of flame, and ensure sufficient time for evacuation. Sika offers a range of Sikaflex®, SikaForce®, and SikaPower® sealants and adhesive bonding that meet this European fire standard. Unique solutions like Sikagard® intumescent coatings support vehicle integrity and fire resistance.

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