Sika has in cooperation with several companies supplied products and know-how to the new Clarion hotel in Gothenburg.  

Project description

The aim for the  project was to create a hotel that reflects a meeting between the old industry city and the modern society. As a central point the old post  office building was integrated with a new, modern building.


Project requirements

For the façade, segments of granite were bonded with Sikasil® SG-500 to a back bone made of Sonoboard. This bonding was made by Skandinaviska Glassystem AB at their facilities in Lysekil. The elements were after mounting on the building sealed with Sikasil® WS-605 S. Sealing on the inside was made with Sikaflex® AT-Connection. Due to the special application of bonding stone to the façade, several different tests were made for the application, for instance, adhesion tests, staining of the stone and frost resistance.
The general sealing of the building was made by Fogspecialisten AB and the products utilised were Sikaflex® AT-Connection and Sikasil®-C.


Project participants

Nordic Choice Hotels

Semrén & Månsson

Skandinaviska Glassystem AB

Fogspecialisten AB


Fun fact

Sika have supplied in total about 2 000 litres of adhesives and 5 000 litres of sealants.

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