For over 20 years Sika has successfully developed bonding solutions that blade manufacturers have come to rely on, providing a robust and reliable production process that ensures long blade service life even when installed in the harshest conditions.

Limlösningar för bladtillverkare

Erfarenhet av att tillhandahålla pålitliga limningslösningar.

Sika-lim har använts för att framgångsrikt limma tusentals vindkraftverksblad. Våra produkter erbjuder hög hållfasthet och sprickbeständighet.

Vid bladtillverkning kräver många interna och externa komponenter ett brett spektrum av olika limningsegenskaper som öppentid, härdningshastighet och andra relevanta mekaniska egenskaper.

Mould Manufacturing

Tillverkning av delar

Sika offers a range of product for Blade manufacturing.

Biresin® composite resins provide an extensive range of epoxy based systems to produce reinforced plastic parts in combination with carbon, glass and aramid fibres. Several of our customers are using our product systems to produce parts for horizontal and vertical wind turbines because of the high performance, excellent properties and flexibility. Biresin® reaction injection moulding systems are best suited for manufacturing of housings, coverings and shock resistant mouldings. Sika’s epoxy pastes are suitable for the efficient production of large models and plugs.


Epoxy and polyurethane 2-component adhesives are used in structural and semi-structural bonding of both RIM and prepreg manufactured blades. These high performance products for blade bonding as well as injection and repair have excellent strength and crack resistance, ideal rheology, and are fast curing yet offer a long open time. SikaPower®-830 is the first globally available blade bonding adhesive produced on 3 continents with local raw materials.

Ytreparation och behandling

In-factory structural and cosmetic finishing as well as onsite repair of wind turbine blades using 2-component epoxy resin and fast polyurethane fillers.

Sika offers a range of solutions for the repair of minor - laminate blade defects in production as well as for - filling and final blade surface finishing prior to the painting process.

Plugg och formtillverkning

Sika offers innovative systems for the construction of models and molds.

Biresin® model pastes based on epoxy or polyurethane resins, and SikaBlock® model and tooling boards, offer a wide range of solutions for the cost effective fabrication of perfect quality models. Sika has a wide range of epoxy resins and gelcoats suitable for the production of composite moulds. Resins and gelcoats are available with a large span of thermal performance to suit customers production processes.

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